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ADA Design for Showers

When less is more and more is less

Posted:  Jun 06, 2018
ADA Design is an extremely important topic, one that CBA actually offers HSW Continuing Education courses about, to keep designers up-to-date with requirements, changes, and guidelines.

However, the topic is extremely tricky in the real world, where problems crop up that are never covered in design manuals.  I had to take a photo of a design issue in a hotel I where I recently stayed.  

There are certainly guidelines and mounting heigh requirements for the safety bars in ADA-compliant showers.  However, the number of bars in this photo goes above and beyond requirements, and I would argue may even pose a hazard of their own by conflicting with each other, reducing the usable space of the shower, and even offering snagging issues on unsuspecting limbs or washclothes.

I have also attached a PDF of ADA Design guidelines for showers and washrooms to help you decide how best to install these features to avoid problems like those in the photo!

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