Architectural door hardware specification writing

Experienced specification problem solvers located in Tacoma, WA

An architect I was meeting with on a project once told me "Door hardware is 5% of my budget and 95% of my problems!" Let us help you make this part of the process as painless as possible. We can get your specifications and quotes from our manufacturer at no cost to you!

CBA Group NW can help. Hager Companies provides Specifications Writing Services, complimentary, and the agency is here to for Architects and Designers any time there’s a question, offer support, order samples; just give us a call!

At CBA Group NW, we are proud to offer division 8700 Finish Hardware specification writing support to our architectural community. With stricter and ever-changing codes, it makes sense to work with a professional for finish hardware specification writing. In collaboration with Hager Companies, CBA Group NW is happy to provide design development assistance, budget preparation, door hardware specification writing, substitution request review, hardware submittal review, technical project support, and project walk-through.

Our hardware consultants create your door hardware specifications, from design to post-construction, to make you more profitable. From any spec CBA Group NW provides, you can expect an objective specification with truly competitive products in each hardware category, ensuring the best value for your customers.

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