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Door Hardware and More

Posted:  Sep 14, 2018
I’ve referenced services that CBA provides in other posts, but don’t want this blog to get too “salesy.” However, what we do isn’t sales, so I’d like to take this blog post to explain what we do to anyone who is curious.

One of the manufacturers that CBA represents is Hager Companies, a door hardware manufacturer.  They help us provide specification writing services.  This means that CBA and Hager employees take a look the section 087100 of the construction documents and make sure that the right hardware will be provided for all the doors and openings. 

The best part about this service is it’s completely free – no sales involved!  We’d love to provide Hager hardware, but we understand how the competitive construction business works.  Our job is to be a consultant, and we’ll specify whatever brand hardware you’d like. 

One way we get the word out about our services is by providing Continuing Education courses to architects, interior designers, and distributors.  And the best part is we serve lunch. 

Please reach out through the website if you’re interested in any of our services!

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