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Channel Iron Doors

Spotted in Seattle - A Gold Mine for Hardware Geeks

Posted:  Apr 03, 2017
CBA's principal, Paul Patino, wrote up this blog post after spotting a real gold mine for hardware geeks on a recent trip to Capitol Hill in Seattle.

My colleague Jill Gile and I were at an architectural presentation in Seattle recently and came across these doors at a nearby building.  There is actually a lot going on here for a door geek!  Let’s start with the fact that these are channel iron doors – that is they are made up of steel tubing welded together with the obvious decorative metal-work added as security – this type of opening is typically a one-off made by a local metalwork company rather than traditional hollow metal that you would get from a division 08 100 manufacturer.  These are interesting as well, in that they are a solid 10’ tall!  If you look closely, you can see metal has been added to the back of the doors to allow for the mounting of surface vertical-rod exit devices on each leaf.  The sheets with the small circles have been added to prevent people from being able to easily reach through the large circles and simply press the exit device touch-pad from the outside and let themselves in.  There is something else happening on this opening that my sharp-eyed architectural specifications consultant noticed!  More on that in part 2…

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