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Getting Door Hardware Specifications Right

Tips and Tricks for Your 08 71 00

Posted:  Aug 29, 2018
The specification section of a construction document is the written paperwork that calls out every item that goes into the construction of a building. From the 2x4’s and concrete to carpets and paint, this is the legal document that literally *specifies* the exact quality, details, and even brand name.

One of CBA’s specialties is the door hardware section, 08 71 00 – Door Hardware.  This is the section where all door hardware – interior and exterior, mechanical and electrified – is identified and listed.

For many projects, this section is often copied and pasted from earlier, similar buildings.  This is where minor differences can sneak into the document that can escape an untrained eye, but here at CBA we love this kind of detail!  If you’re currently dealing with door hardware issues, we’ll gladly take a look at them for free. 

But this blog isn’t here to sell services.  This particular blog post is meant to teach.  If you’re wondering about the basics of a door hardware specification, here’s the simple rules they follow. 

There are three parts Part 1 – General, Part 2 – Products, and Part 3 – Execution.  There is a lot of boilerplate information that is the cause of all the copying and pasting, but trust me, you’ll want a trained eye to look at this for every project.  A PDF of a generic 087100 section can be downloaded at the bottom of this post.

If you’ve given the PDF a look and feel comfortable attempting to specify some hardware, there is a simple rule of thumb to help make sure you get all the right parts and pieces on a door and nothing gets overlooked. 

Part 2 of a 087100 is usually laid out in the same order an installer would hang a door – starting with hanging the door on the hinges, securing the door with a lockset, controlling the door with door closers or similar, protecting the door with protection plates, wall stops, etc, and finally trimming the entire frame with the right thresholds and gasketing.

You can see that doing this process over and over, for however many doors are in the building – which in some facilities could be several hundred doors – could be tiring and prone to mistakes.  That’s why door hardware reps like CBA are willing to help.  We’ll be supplying those products, and want to make sure your experience is enjoyable. 

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