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Gilgamesh Kicks

Check out the Crazy Kicks at this Brewery

Posted:  Mar 20, 2017
Recently on a trip to Salem Oregon I stopped in at one of my favorite craft breweries – Gilgamesh Brewing – for some refreshments. I looked over at a pair of doors leading to their outdoor patio, and was struck by the kickplates on the doors (yes, I really am that big of a nerd).

As you can see these are not your normal kicks…  One of the owners happened to be there at the time and I took a few minutes to compliment him on them and ask what they had done.  It turns out they had taken some ordinary stainless steel kickplates and heat-distressed them!  The emblems near the meeting edges are the Gilgamesh Brewing logo – the rays are just nice decoration.  Nice creativity in adding a personal touch to a fairly ordinary piece of stainless steel!

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