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Hager Hardware - In the Wild!

Fremont Apartments Feature Hager Hardware

Posted:  Oct 24, 2016
The Fremont Apartments in the Pearl District of Portland, OR feature eco-concious design, environmentally friendly living spaces, and best of all - Hager hardware!

The Fremont Apartments (formerly Freedom Center Apartments)  were built in 2012, featuring some of the first "micro-studios" that were built on a large scale in the area.  These small-but-adorable apartments making living in the very beautiful Pearl District an eco-friendly choice, as well.  These apartments were designed to feature high-end, luxury finishes, with a floor plan that makes the most of the available space, giving residents the features they want and living a sustainable lifestyle at the same time.

In addition, all the door hardware in this complex was supplied by Hager Companies, which CBA Group is very pleased about!  Hager Hardware fit the needs of this modern, environmentally concious project by supplying quality hardware, built to the highest sustainability standards.  On top of that, a majority of Hager products are made in the USA, in the manufacturing plant in Montgomery, AL, reducing shipping costs and the carbon footprint overseas shipping can entail. 

Hager is committed to sustainability, and spearheaded a Green Initiative to make sure their hardware fits the bills for projects just like the Fremont Apartments.  You can read more about their sustainability practices, and the Fremont Apartments, at the links below.

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