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Hager Hardware In Action

Hager hinges outperforming competitors in a real world example

Posted:  Feb 21, 2018
CBA proudly represents Hager Companies, a door hardware manufacturing company with one of the best warranties in the industry. Many of their products come with a lifetime warranty that Hager is happy to honor. Should a customer come to them with a faulty hinge, lockset, closer, or exit device - no matter how many decades old - they will repair or replace the product.

They are able to stand behind this warranty because their products are built to last, and here is an example of that quality in action!

We recently purchased a house and I was excited to find Hager hinges on the bathroom door.  The house was built in 1929, although it has gone through several redmodel so it is hard to determine the exact vintage of this hinge, it appears to be several years old.  It is still functioning perfectly well and I only noticed it had a Hager stamp on it because that's something I tend to look for (hardware nerd!).

I couldn't help but laugh, though, when upon investigating the other hinges in the house, this unnamed brand - presumably of the same approximate age - fell right off the frame of this utility room door. The non-matching screws indicate is has been a problem for quite some time.  

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