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Hager History

167 Years of Hinges & Hardware

Posted:  May 09, 2016
Hager Companies, one of the manufacturers that CBA Group represents, has been in business since 1849. Here's a little history recap for those of you whose hardware and history interests intersect.

Hager Companies counts their founding to 1849, when Charles Hager immigrated to St. Louis, MO from Germany.  Charles found work with a local blacksmith, whose main product were the hinges and wheels for Contestoga wagons (a bit of trivia that shows up in Hager's new product line, the CONESTOGA Sliding Barn Door hardware).  Shortly thereafter, the blacksmith decamped for the gold fields of California, leaving Charles his business.

In 1894, Charles founded C. Hager & Sons Hinge Manufacturing Company.  His main client was Anheuser Busch, and their main product was hinges for beer crates.  Legend has it that C. Hager & Sons accepted beer from their clients as payment - both companies are still based in St. Louis today, but I've been assured this is no longer the method of payment.

Hager Companies has weathered some tough times - from the Great Depression in the 1920's to the Great Recession of the 2000's - and through it all Hager has remained dedicated to providing great products, great quality service, and happy employees. It is a sixth generation, family-owned company, and many of their products are still manufactuered in the United States.

Hager was known as Hager Hinge for much of its history, specializing in commercial and residential (you guessed it) hinges.  Today their product line includes "everything on a door except the door itself" - meaning not only hinges, but locks, closers, exits, threshholds, weatherstripping, and so much more. 

Hager is a great company to work for, they manufacture a solid product that stands the test of time, just as their company has done for the past century and more.  If you're interested in learning more about Hager products, please don't hesitate to contact us here at CBA Group!

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