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Spotted in Boston: First Door Closer in History

Posted:  Oct 03, 2016
One of the perks of this job is that I get to travel all over the country, just to learn from other experts in the door hardware industry. In May, I was lucky enough to travel with Smoot Associates of Hanover, MA (near Boston).

On our way to a Continuing Education course in downtown Boston, we drove past the this stunning church - Trinity Church.  I've included my iPhone's sad attempt at a drive-by photo, but this church was voted one of the "Ten Most Significant Buildings in the United States" by the AIA, so please go do a quick search for professional photos of this beautiful building. 

My guide pointed out the church was not only beautiful and historically significant, but had a tie to door hardware history as well. 

This church also boasts the first door closer ever invented.  L.C. Norton invented the modern door closer by altering a hand-held water pump to quiet the slamming of a particularly noisy storm door.  Norton's novelty item is now a must-have item that you'll find on almost every building currently erected. 

L.C. Norton's name is still on many of the closers still sold today - manufacturer LCN takes its name from the inventor of the door closer. 

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