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Hardware Nerds in DC

Giant hinges spotted at the Smithsonian

Posted:  Jan 30, 2018
CBA Group team members are in Washington DC this week for training (more on that in upcoming blogs!) and we spotted this impressive hinge at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

Even as hardware nerds off the clock, we had to stop and investigate and take a picture of the truly impressive hinges featured on this bank vault door.  

Of course, this is a far from standard hinge that wouldn't be manufactured by any company we represent, but it was still worth stopping and investigating.

Upon close consideration, we determined this was not actually a working door or hinge, as it appears to be bolted in place, probably to keep curious children from giving themselves a nasty pinch shutting this giant, several ton door!  

You can find this lovely example of hinges in the Numismatics exibit on the first floor of the National Mesume of American History.  

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