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Iconic Door Hardware 2

Seinfeld Edition

Posted:  Jul 05, 2018
We are surrounded by doors and door hardware in modern life. It's hardware nerds' job to see it, explain it, and solve problems. But let's take a look at the lighter side of door hardware - the famous!

Today's iconic door hardware is none other than Jerry Seinfeld's door from his long running, ever-quotable TV show.  This door was probably more famous for the character who burst through it almost every episode, but unfortunately you're going to have to befriend your own Kosmo Cramer if you'd like that feature on your own front door.

The hardware on this unit is quite standard - in fact, check out the single cylinder deadbold featured on this door (its previous appearance was on the "Friends" apartment door).  This is yet another famous opening that might not be fancy, but is certainly memorable.

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