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Impressive Doors in Tacoma

CBA's Favorite Doors

Posted:  Mar 31, 2017
These are the entry doors for one of my favorite craft breweries in the South Sound – Pacific Brewing and Malting Co., right here in my home town of Tacoma!

These doors are beautiful and very impressive each leaf is four feet wide and over eight feet tall.  They are custom pieces that were installed about 2-1/2 years ago in Fall 2014.  Unfortunately, they also show one of the real challenges of using wood doors on the exterior of a building.  These doors are east-facing and have really no overhang protecting them.  You can see the weathering of the finish overall, but it is very pronounced on the lower quarter of both the doors and sidelights.  While some of this can be ameliorated with an aggressive program of reapplying exterior grade finishes, the fact is eventually, lacking overhang to protect them, wood doors in this type of application will eventually require replacement.  Now if you will all excuse me, I’ll bring the door-geekery to a close – I think I hear a pint of Potomac Citra Pale calling my name!

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