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Need Help with ADA Guidelines?

ADA Accessibility references

Posted:  Jun 19, 2017
Hager has an AIA-registered Continuing Education course about ADA Accessibility. It is one of our more popular courses, and yet when I get to the part about distances and dimensions, there are always groans.

No one in the room (except jokingly - I hope) has ever suggested that the American with Disabilities Act be repealed.  Everyone recognizes how necessary and important wheelchair ramps and maneuvering distances are.  So why is there always groaning?

Even the most staunch supporters of ADA guidelines have to admit that it can be confusing and even seem contradictory at times.  I do not envy architects the job of having to interpret the rules, and this presentation always has questions that end up leaving me and my experts scratching our heads. 

If you find yourself in a similar situation, included with this blog post is an article from a 2015 DHI Magazine issue dealing with the very questions I run into so often.

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