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OshKosh Door Company History

163 Years of Lumber & Door Products

Posted:  Jun 27, 2016
OshKosh Door Company, CBA Group's wood door manufacturer, has a long and storied history based in Wisconsin's Fox River valley.

In 1853, Edward Paine and his two sons moved to the newly established town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin with their sawmill in tow.  The town was founded on the banks of the Fox River, and huge stands of timber covered the land as far as the eye could see.  The Paine family went to work clearing their new home and selling the lumber far and wide.

Thirty years later, continuous clearing by multiple lumber companies had leveled much of the timber stands in the area.  Charles and George Paine, Edward's sons, were now in charge of Paine Lumber Company, and they realized that they would have to branch out to stay in business.  They chose to turn local white pine into stile & rail doors.

Paine Lumber Company had to create much of the technology that is now usd to manufactuer stile & rail and flush wood doors.  They were among the first to use birch and oak veneer on flush wood doors, which is the manufacturing process stil used today.  They also helped pioneer the use of wood block and particleboard cores, as well as mineral cores for fire-rated doors and lead-lined doors for x-ray rooms. 

Over time, Paine Lumber Company came to be known as OshKosh Wood Door Company.  They are still industry pioneers, creating some of the best flush wood doors on the market and continuously expanding their product lines - from LEED-qualified products to fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) doors.

Pioneering manufacturing processes and creating high-quality products with great customer service are the values that OshKosh Door Company has stuck to throughout their 163 years of service.  If you'd like more information about OshKosh door products, please don't hesistate to contact us here at CBA Group.

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