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Pittcon Industries

What is a column cover and why am I seeing them everywhere?

Posted:  Apr 04, 2018
A few months ago, CBA Group began representing Pittcon, an architectural column covering manufacturer. This is a pretty esoteric field in construction, one that is not often thought of or noticed. But once you know what to look for, you'll start seeing column covers everywhere!

One place to spot column covers is airports. Simply walking through the airport right after we brought on Pittcon, they were suddenly noticeable everywhere.  The best way to describe it is when you buy a car and then you see the same make and model all over.  

A good explanation for this phenomenon, though, is that Pittcon's selection of materials, finishes, and colors meet so many different styles that architects "in the know" use them everywhere.  Pitcon offers not only reflective metal covers, which you'll see prominently pictured, but wood veneers and laminates in all different patterns are available as well. 

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