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Screen Door Closer

A Pared Down Version of the Standard Closer

Posted:  Jul 18, 2018
The closer on my screen door is broken. It is probably 20+ years old (judging by the age of the screen door, which is also in terrible shape). I was trying to explain that it was broken and found myself searching for the right term - is it a closer? It closes the door (when not broken) but is that really the right term?

I kept pointing at my broken screen door equipment and saying - that thing is broken.  The doohickey.  The hydraulic system that swings the door shut from the open position.  

My poor husband just looked at me and asked, "what was it your company sells?  Door hardware?  How do you not know the name?"

I have no defense for my completely brain fart.  The oddness of the device in question and having never needed to refer that that particlar piece of equipment had me completely stumped.  

It turns out, yes, this piece of equipment is still called a "door closer" even when it is extremely pared down and on an opening that can barely considered a "door."  

Now you (and I) know!


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