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Seattle Construction Safety

Investigating the Side Effects of the Construction Boom

Posted:  Aug 08, 2018
The construction cranes crowding the Seattle skyline are no longer novel, but they're still an object of fascination for anyone tied to the construction industry. There are few cities whose growth rivals Seattle, but this boom has some unintended side effects.

If you're in the construction industry, growth can be seen as all positive.  Even the cranes add something unique to our city's scenery.  One thing I'd never considered, though, was construction safety for the workers on the high rises.  However, as I drove to work one day I caught the following article on NPR, discussing construction safety measures in Seattle.  It's worth a read if you are also an admirer of the Seattl's construction dominated scenery or just curious about advances in the industry.


How Seattle Construction Workers Are Staying Safe On The Job

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